Do You Need Pest Control in the Winter?

Wondering if you need winter pest control? You do!
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Summer may be over, but don’t be too eager to take a break from pest control. While freezing temperatures may take care of irritating mosquitoes and other pests that put a damper on your outdoor fun, winter won’t solve pest problems. In fact, winter weather can make your pest issues worse.

So, do you need pest control in the winter? At PURCOR Pest Solutions, our answer is a resounding “Yes.” However, we don’t expect you to accept that answer without further explanation – read on to learn about the benefits of winter pest control, or give our team a call to speak with one of our pest control professionals.

Why You Should Consider Winter Pest Control

When winter hits, the pests that initially survive the shift to cold weather have one destination in mind: your warm, dry home. Additionally, if you’re currently dealing with pests, the dropping temperatures won’t take care of critters that are already inside your house. And, if the pests already inside realize the weather outside is no longer hospitable, they’re even more likely to stay indoors to take advantage of your food and shelter.

Wood Destroying Pests Present Year-Round Issues

Wood destroying insects, such as carpenter ants and termites, can impact your home any time of year. Some termite species, such as subterranean termites, may dig deeper into the ground to escape freezing weather, but that doesn’t stop them from crawling back up into your home to feed on wood. No matter the species, termites will continue to be an issue for any home during the winter.

Carpenter ants are also dormant in the winter, burrowing into the deepest recesses of their colonies’ many tunnels during the winter months. Again, however, that doesn’t mean your home is safe from them.

If a carpenter ant colony develops in your home, the warmth of your home may help them stay active. Combine a warm, dry environment with a lack of winter pest control, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a carpenter ant disaster.

Winter Pest Control Helps Rodents from Nesting

Wood destroying pests aren’t the only creatures you have to worry about during the winter. In addition to these creepy-crawlies, a wide range of warm-blooded, furry creatures would love nothing more than to turn your toasty attic or dark, quiet basement into their wintertime escape.

Squirrels, mice, and rats are all common culprits for homeowners to stumble upon during the winter. In addition to its warm shelter, your home offers food in the form of kitchen pantries and basement food storage.

Even if your food is securely stored in airtight glass or plastic containers, however, rodents are notorious for gnawing on just about anything to keep their ever-growing front incisors short. They even gnaw through electrical wires, which can present a serious fire hazard risk, and potentially leave you without the power during the coldest part of the year.

By scheduling routine winter residential pest control with PURCOR Pest Solutions, you can minimize the risk of rodents nesting in your home. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your living space, identify problem areas that may contribute to a rodent infestation and address any existing rodent-related issues.

Winter Is the Best Time to Spray for Bugs

With cold temperatures keeping pest activity lower than it is in summer or fall, winter is one of the best times of year to spray for bugs. By treating your living space for pests while their numbers are low, the treatment has fewer invaders to deal with, allowing it to remain effective for longer periods of time.

Plus, even if you’re fortunate enough to not have pests actively creeping around your home, winter pest control provides a much-needed layer of defense. Preventive treatment is more ideal than trying to resolve an infestation after it’s begun.

Count on PURCOR Pest Solutions in the Winter

So, do you need pest control in the winter? Absolutely – and PURCOR Pest Solutions is proud to offer winter pest control solutions that will target pests that have their sights set on your house. We offer environmentally conscious, effective pest control through our integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Simply put, IPM is a holistic practice that utilizes a wide range of pest control methods, such as:

  • Bait stations to monitor pests’ activity and trap them
  • Low-impact products that are safe around children and pets
  • Strategic exclusion solutions around your home
  • Helpful service specialists who educate and inform you about the risks posed by pests

Not sure if you’ve got a winter pest problem brewing in your living space? No problem! Just give our team a call to schedule an inspection. The sooner we can assess your property for pest problems, the sooner we can develop a pest control plan that fits your needs and sends pests packing.

Put Winter Pests on Ice with PURCOR Pest Solutions

Don’t let termites, ants, rodents, and other unwelcome wintertime pests get comfortable in your home! When icy, snowy weather and freezing temperatures hit, you know who to turn to: the friendly pest professionals at PURCOR Pest Solutions! When you sign up for our quarterly pest control program, you can rest easy all year long knowing that we’re in your corner. Break the winter pest cycle – call us today!

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