Spring Cleaning Tips for Dealing with Pests

A man sweeping up a cockroach.

It is officially spring! This means warmer weather, more sunlight, budding trees, and of course, more annoying pests. As the earth starts to thaw you’ll also start to see an increase in creatures like spiders, moths, bees, mice, and more making their way back into the world as well.

Don’t let these annoying creatures deter your spring cleaning efforts. Follow along for tips from us at PURCOR on how to deal with these pests.

Pests to Look Out For

Springtime is a reminder of new life entering the world and unfortunately that goes for small critters too. You may see new kittens running around or ducklings swimming with their parents. However, spiders, stink bugs, mice and more are also producing a new generation just in time for spring.

Be on the lookout for bees, ladybugs, ants, and termites. Explore our full pest library to see what bugs and critters may be especially prevalent in spring. Concerned about a brewing pest issue around your home? Request a free estimate from our team.

How to Avoid Pests in the Spring

When you get the urge to start your spring cleaning, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you aren’t welcoming in spring pests.

In the Kitchen

A few easy things to do in your kitchen are vacuum regularly, seal food tightly, wash dirty dishes nightly, and take out the trash often. At the start of spring, remove everything out of your pantry and cabinets and wipe them down to get rid of any crumbs or sticky residue. Scrub your kitchen floors and clean out those refrigerator crisper drawers.

Hungry pests awakening from long winter slumbers are just as eager for little food scraps as you are for your morning coffee. Clean around the kitchen regularly to tell those pests they aren’t welcome in your home!

In the Bathroom

Moisture can be a big attractor of bugs like centipedes and earwigs. Dry out your shower curtain and wipe around your toilet, sink, and bathtub to get rid of any extra moisture.

In the Basement

Basements and crawlspaces are hotspots for a variety of pests. Because they remain cool and dark for most of the summer, insects like spiders and critters such as mice like to set up nests in basements and crawlspace corners.

Make sure any valuables stored in your basement are sealed in tight containers and stacked neatly. Take your spring cleaning to a new level and get rid of any unnecessary clutter to discourage mice and spiders from setting up their homes in your treasures.

Other preventative tasks you can do include sealing cracks around your home—both inside and outside—keeping your ventilation systems clear and repairing holes in screen windows and doors. Not sure how to do this? Contact your friends at PURCOR to give some guidance!

Keep Spring Pests at Bay with PURCOR

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to eliminate clutter and reorganize your home. Just a few simple steps can help save you a lot of hassle and potential pest infestations.

However, if you do stumble across cockroaches in the basement or a nest of mice in your attic, PURCOR is here to help with effective, customized pest solutions. Request a free quote today. Happy spring cleaning!

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