Spring Pest Control in Western Washington: What You Need to Know

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There’s nothing quite like springtime in western Washington. After an often long rainy season, spring brings out the sunshine, flowers, and, yes, the bugs. With everything in full bloom, people who live in western Washington often feel like they’ve gone from not seeing any bugs to being unable to walk to their driveway without seeing spiders, bees, and wasps. When the time comes, it’s usually time to start thinking about spring pest control.

If you live in western Washington, here’s what you’ll probably see once the spring season rolls around.

Spring Pest Control: You Will Likely Start Seeing Spiders

Many people think of spider season in Washington as being the late fall. That’s when you’ll see more spiders indoors because they’re searching for shelter and refuge from the cold. However, you’ll also see many spiders outside, starting in the spring and lasting through the summer.

As the warmer weather comes, outdoor spiders start blossoming. There are more flies and food for them outdoors than indoors.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs start emerging “as soon as the spring weather warms.” When they do that, they’ll lay eggs, which take about 5-15 days to hatch. At first, the stink bugs are small, but with time they’ll become fully-fledged adults.

As their name implies, stink bugs, well, stink. They release an odor when threatened. Furthermore, they often feed on outdoor plants. If you have a garden with fruit, for example, you might see sunken areas indicating the presence of these bugs.

While they do not bite or cause harm indoors, it’s generally advisable to have spring pest control services eradicate any growing populations outdoors. You don’t want to have them get inside and cause unpleasant odors!

Spring Pest Control: Mayflies Are Common

Another spring pest that shows up in western Washington is the mayfly. These long, winged insects are fascinating for many reasons. One of them is that they often have incredibly short lifespans. Adults typically only live about 24 hours. But they last for a couple of years as larvae.

You can find these pests around water since the larvae live underwater. When it’s time, they emerge through the service and leave huge messes. There can be piles and piles of dead mayflies.

If you have water and have this problem, a spring pest control company can help ensure that you don’t have swarms of these bugs interfering with your time in the backyard!

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are most abundant during the late summer, but they establish new colonies in the spring. In other words, while you may not see them as much during the spring, if you don’t stop them from building new colonies early, you’ll have a real problem come late spring when the colony is fully mature.

Therefore, if you see bees and wasps during the spring, you may want to see where they go. If you see them going into your home (e.g., into your roof), you may want to get that looked at as soon as possible!

Spring Pest Control: Get Ahead of the Problem

While there are not as many pests in western Washington in the spring as in the late summer or early fall, spring is when these bugs are establishing their homes. They’re venturing out after a long winter and looking to develop webs, colonies, and more. If stink bugs develop a home in your plants or wasps establish a home in your attic, it could be more challenging to eradicate them later.

To ensure that you will have a safe and happy home, consider contracting a spring pest control company’s services. They’ll identify and eliminate emerging pests before they make your life challenging, effectively allowing you to enjoy your summer pest-free!

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