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Bumblebees (Bombus)

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When you think of stinging insects, bumblebees might not be the first species that come to mind. However, it’s not uncommon to see these insects flying clumsily through backyards in the United States. While bumblebees are non-aggressive, social insects, they still have stingers—and that can become an issue for homeowners.

If you think you may have a bumblebee nest around your property, discover how to identify these flying pests with PURCOR. In the event you do have a bumblebee issue, regain your peace of mind for your outdoor space with removal services from PURCOR.

What do bumblebees look like?

Bumblebees have round, thick bodies covered with fuzzy black and yellow stripes and a white spot on their abdomens. Not sure if you’ve found a bumblebee or a wasp? You can easily spot the differences between bumblebees and social wasps like yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Unlike bumblebees, wasps have smooth bodies and will survive only a season while reproductive wasps will survive over winter and start up each spring depending on weather conditions.

Whether it’s a bumblebee or wasp, never risk getting too close to pests to identify them. If you have flying, stinging insects in your backyard, reach out to PURCOR. We can safely and accurately identify the species for you.

Are bumblebees dangerous?

As plant pollinators, bumblebees play a very important role in Mother Nature’s ecosystems. However, the venom in bumblebees’ stings can trigger potentially life-threatening allergic reactions for some people. If a bumblebee nest is too close to your property, and you’re concerned about the wellbeing of loved ones or yourself, contact PURCOR. Our certified pest professionals will assess your bumblebee issue and provide the best recommendation for your unique situation.

Bumblebee Control and Removal from PURCOR

They may be beneficial pests, but bumblebees can become a serious pest problem if the nest is located too close to your home or business. When you choose bumblebee control and removal services from PURCOR, a trained pest management professional will conduct a thorough inspection and interview with you to determine the nest location and level of activity around your property.

Based on the technician’s findings, they will then provide a strategy for bumblebee control, removal, and prevention. Typical treatment options may include outside application and/or removal of the nest to restore your peace of mind and discourage future infestations.

If you’re concerned about bumblebees returning, PURCOR also offers quarterly perimeter treatments around the exterior of your home. Our quarterly treatments can also help prevent other stinging pests, such as wasps and hornets, from building their nests on or near your home.

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If bumblebees are bumbling around your home, leave removing the nest and controlling the pests to PURCOR’s trained professionals. Our pest control technicians have the tools and knowledge you need to remove bumblebee nests safely and take back your outdoor space. Request your free bumblebee control estimate from PURCOR today!