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When your furry friends start scratching away and you start feeling the need to join them, you may have run afoul of fleas. With their fondness for biting and bugging anything with hair, these little insects can be a nightmare for homeowners and businesses alike. Although it’s a rare occurrence, they can even carry diseases. Thankfully, calling PURCOR Pest Solutions is always an option. 

At PURCOR, we offer services for both prevention and infestation control. When you need Seattle, WA, flea control, the pest experts at PURCOR are the ones to call. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation.

What is a flea?

The Dangers Of Flea Bites

Fleas are tiny little insects often associated with harassing cats and dogs. They have hard, shiny bodies with flat sides and large, powerful legs. Fleas are well known to bite and cause itching in pets, but they can also leave irritating bite marks on people as well, and some are even known to carry bubonic plague.

The three main types of fleas in the U.S. are cat fleas, the kind most commonly found on cats and dogs, dog fleas, which aren’t actually common among domestic dogs, and ground squirrel fleas, which are more efficient carriers of disease.

How do I know if I have fleas in Seattle, WA?

There are several notable signs of fleas in your home. If you have pets, they’ll probably give you the first indication of fleas by excessively scratching, licking, and biting their bodies. If they start losing their fur, that’s another good indication of a flea problem. If you don’t have pets, small black specks in carpets are signs of fleas. You can also find itchy, red bumps primarily on your legs and ankles in a way somewhat similar to bedbug outbreaks. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to call a pest professional to take care of your problem. PURCOR’s pest experts are a great choice for dealing with flea problems.


Areas We Provide Flea Control in Seattle

At PURCOR Pest Control, we provide flea control services all around the Seattle area, including:

Bellevue Kirkland Mercer’s Island

Buren Renton Redmond

And beyond

And beyond!

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PURCOR Pest Control Solutions Flea Control Services

If you’re worried about potential flea infestations in your home, PURCOR’s pest control experts are available to help. Our teams will perform an inspection of all the places in your home where fleas might be hiding. Once we’ve found the problem areas, our flea treatment plan will eliminate the fleas and any eggs that may be hiding around the home.


Schedule Your Ant Inspection in Seattle, WA, Today

Fleas are an irritating nuisance that can cause harm to you and your pets. Don’t tolerate fleas in your home. Call PURCOR Pest Control to request your free estimate and get started on your path to pest-free living.