Fly Control in Seattle

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We’ve all tried to relax in our homes until we hear a fly loudly buzzing somewhere in the room, or gotten up to eat some food on the counter only to find that some flies have started lunch without you. While one or two flies can be relatively easily swatted, a fleet of flies can get exponentially more difficult to eradicate. That’s where PURCOR Pest Solutions comes in. Submit a contact form today and get help for your pest issues. 

We provide nothing but the best fly control in Seattle, and can help you identify the root cause of your residential pest problems. And if you own or operate a business, a fly infestation can easily bring you and your customers down. We provide commercial pest control in Seattle, too. 

Where Do Flies Come From?

Like most pests, flies live outside but are more than happy to make their way indoors. Flies are scavengers who look for food of any and all kinds—flies are not picky at all and can eat anything from fruit to garbage. But there are a few key reasons why there are flies in your home in addition to food availability:

  • Poor sanitation
  • Stagnant pools or standing water
  • Easy access to your home via cracks and holes

Different kinds of flies will lay eggs in different places, and the sheer variety of potential locations for eggs is a chief factor in why it can be difficult to get rid of a fly infestation. Flies lay eggs in food waste, drains, pet feces, garbage disposal, and more. Worst of all, the short gestation periods mean that, even if you get rid of current flies in your home, new flies can show up very quickly.

How Long Do Flies Live Indoors?

Flies don’t live a long time, though it doesn’t take a long time for flies to become annoying. Without enough available food or water, a fly’s lifespan is just a few days. If a fly can find enough nutrition in your home, they’ll live for much longer—up to a month. However, even if a fly might not live long, they can lay eggs and ensure your problem will continue. 


Areas We Provide Fly Control in Seattle

Our certified pest control technicians travel throughout the Seattle metropolitan area to provide high-quality pest control services. We serve Seattle proper as well as many of the most populous suburbs in the area, including:

Seattle Mercer Island Bellevue

Kirkland Burien Renton

Redmond And Beyond!

And beyond!

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Seattle Fly Control Services

Seattle’s ample moisture makes flies a constant threat, both indoors and outdoors. PURCOR Pest Solutions is here for fly control in Seattle. While most flies aren’t liable to cause significant and direct health problems, flies can bite and are quite unsanitary. When you call PURCOR Pest Solutions, you’ll get a free inspection of your problem. We can then help you with prevention and eradication of your current fly problem. 


Get Rid of Flies in Seattle

A fly infestation is bad enough on its own, as flies are magnets for disease and can spread filth all over your home. Additionally, a fly infestation could also signal that there are other, more dire pest problems at your property or on the horizon. Let the Seattle pest control experts at PURCOR Pest Solutions help with all your pest problems, and we’re happy to help with preventive services as well. Contact us today and say goodbye to the flies.