Mole and Vole Control and Removal Services

Moles may not be dangerous, but these nuisance pests can dig up and ruin your entire yard. Skip the game of “whack a mole.” Let PURCOR™ help eliminate your mole issue.

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Mole Control, Trapping, and Elimination

Let’s face the facts: Moles aren’t cute. Known for their large, sharp nails, they dig with their forepaws to tunnel underground. These small rodent-like animals typically grow to between 5 and 7 inches long. As moles tunnel at an astonishing speed for their size (about 1 foot per minute), they push dirt to the surface. This results in unsightly mounds around your lawn or landscaping, and these unrooted plants can invite weeds to grow and kill your lawn or other vegetation.

When are moles most active?

Moles spend most of their time underground and are insectivores that usually feed on insects. Because moles don’t hibernate and are active all year long, you need mole control to keep them in check. Even though mole activity lessens in periods of cold or extremely wet weather, these mammals continue to burrow beneath the earth through the lower levels of their tunnel systems.

How do I get rid of moles?

Moles are a major nuisance that should not be left unchecked, especially if you want to protect your yard or landscaping. DIY methods lead to frustration. (There’s a reason it’s called “whack a mole,” after all.) Improper use of poisons or other methods could be dangerous to your family or pets.

Call PURCOR for Efficient, Professional Mole Trapping and Removal

When you contact PURCOR for your mole removal needs, you can trust that you’ll receive professional, prompt service. We will identify conditions that are attractive to moles and use the latest in trapping and elimination techniques to get rid of moles and provide regular follow-up visits to ensure mole problems do not return. To learn more about PURCOR’s mole control programs or other pest and wildlife control services, contact us today




  • We inspect your property to identify mole or vole harborage sites, then determine necessary and proper management methods.
  • We implement comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies where possible.
  • We recommend areas of exclusion, sanitation, or other actions to stop attracting moles and other wildlife populations.
  • We maintain vigilance against new mole populations and respond to any such service request you might have.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eliminate moles from my yard using DIY methods?

While some DIY methods may offer temporary relief, completely eliminating moles from your yard can be challenging without professional intervention. Moles are persistent burrowers, meaning you will rarely see them above ground. PURCOR’s experts are trained in early identification methods to find the moles before they make an appearance, helping you avoid future damage.  

How do moles affect the health of my lawn?

Moles create extensive tunnel systems, causing unsightly ridges and mounds in your yard. Their burrowing can disturb the roots of plants, leading to wilting and potentially damaging the overall aesthetic and health of your lawn. Furthermore, by disturbing the ground near your home, moles can increase your risk of flood damage or cracks in your foundation.

What preventive measures can I take to avoid mole infestations?

A well-maintained, and most importantly, well-watered lawn is the first step you should take to prevent moles. Moles prefer dry environments with ample food sources, so consider installing barriers like wire mesh around your garden or other vulnerable areas. Regular mole inspections and addressing insect problems that attract moles can also be preventive measures, and luckily for you, PURCOR can do both in one trip.