Opossums Trapping Removal

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Opossum Removal, Trapping, and Exclusion

Opossums—or possums—are marsupials that resemble large rats, though they are not rodents themselves. These animals often grow to the size of medium house cats, on average 2 to 3 feet long. Their full size depends on the specific species. Possums usually have gray fur, hairless ears, a long hairless tail, and a distinctive pointed face. They use their long tails to maintain balance. These nocturnal animals have impressive immune systems that can even fight off the venom from a rattlesnake.

Are opossums dangerous?

Opossums are not dangerous. They are quiet and, despite being blamed for overturning trash cans, are typically opportunists that will eat whatever is leftover. Even their aggressive hissing is a bluff; when frightened, they play dead.

In fact, opossums may even benefit gardens when they eat snails, slugs, insects, and small rodents. Their bad reputation comes on the heels of their unattractive features more than anything else.

How to Remove Opossums from Around Your Home

Even though opossums are generally benign, we understand why you may hesitate to have them hanging around. At PURCOR, we focus on humane trapping and exclusion programs to safely remove opossums from around your home. 

Contact PURCOR for Your Opossum Problem

If you’ve noticed an influx of opossums around your home, contact PURCOR to help remove them from the surroundings. We will check areas of your home where opossums may decide to build dens and provide solutions to make them move out and keep them away. Contact us today for more information about opossum removal near you.




  • We inspect your property to identify the animal and harborage sites, then determine necessary and proper management methods.
  • We implement comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies where possible.
  • We recommend areas of exclusion, sanitation, or other actions to stop attracting wildlife populations.
  • We maintain constant vigilance against new populations and respond to any such service request you might have.
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