Squirrel Trapping & Removal Services

When squirrels invade your home, they can become a true annoyance—which is why contacting an experienced squirrel removal expert is your best bet.

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Squirrel Removal, Control, and Exclusion

Squirrels are small- to medium-size rodents that can be spotted outdoors by their distinctive bushy tails as they climb trees and forage for food. These scurrying squirrels may be entertaining to watch from afar, but they can quickly become a pest for you and your family if they invade your home or business. PURCOR™ has a team of highly experienced pest professionals in squirrel removal, control, and trapping to help when squirrels become a nuisance to you and your family. 

Why are squirrels problematic?

If squirrels become too comfortable around your residential or commercial property, they may cause some damage. Squirrels are always on the hunt for food and materials for their nests and are known to chew into almost anything—such as plumbing, piping, vents, or wires around your home. Catch these clever creatures before they cause serious damage to your property by contacting PURCOR for squirrel removal. 

Can I get rid of squirrels?

It may be tricky to ward off squirrels completely from your property with the use of DIY remedies and repellents, which is why you should leave it to the experts. Our pest professionals are trained to use advanced, humane solutions and low-impact products that are environmentally conscious to ensure the protection of you and your loved ones. PURCOR will work with you to analyze your problem and determine a long-term wildlife control solution, all while executing integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. 

Contact PURCOR for Squirrel Trapping and Removal 

When squirrels take over your property and become a nuisance or even a threat, it’s time to contact PURCOR. Trust our pest professionals to offer you valuable advice and advanced pest removal solutions. With regular follow-up visits available, we work hard to take back what is yours and protect against future critters. Contact PURCOR to schedule an appointment through our Portland office today. Need help protecting your home from a different pest? Check out our other pest control services.



  • We inspect your property to identify the animal and harborage sites, then determine necessary and proper management methods.
  • We implement comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies where possible.
  • We recommend areas of exclusion, sanitation, or other actions to stop attracting wildlife populations.
  • We maintain constant vigilance against new populations and respond to any such service request you might have.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need professional squirrel removal services?

Professional squirrel removal service is essential for several reasons. An attempt at DIY squirrel removal methods can be dangerous and ineffective. Our team can remove squirrels safely and humanely, preventing further damage. Moreover, professional services help relocate squirrels to the appropriate habitats, thus promoting humane treatment. Additionally, PURCOR can find and seal entryways to prevent future infestations.

How does PURCOR remove squirrels from my property?

We use various methods, including live trapping and exclusion doors, to get rid of squirrels effectively and humanely. Our PURCOR service specialists can identify and seal off entry points to prevent future infestations. With our experience and expertise, PURCOR Pest Solutions provides squirrel removal services to homeowners and businesses, ensuring the safety of the property and the squirrels

How long does the squirrel removal process take?

Whether we can remove it within a particular time depends on the specific circumstances of your squirrel infestation. Contact one of our service specialists for a more accurate assessment.