Are Your Fruit Trees Attracting Rodents?

autumn scene with mouse eating a raspberry

It’s no secret that rodents like mice and rats will eat anything. But they love fruit! They are drawn to the smell and sweetness of fruit which is why fruit trees act as magnets to these small creatures. This article will further discuss how to keep rodents away from your fruit trees, further preventing an infestation on your property.

Keeping Roof Rats Away from Fruit Trees

Below are a few actions homeowners can take to help prevent roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice from destroying fruit trees and invading your yard. and invading your yard.

Regular Pruning and Trimming

Low-hanging branches that partially cover the base of the tree give rodents easy access to your trees, while inadvertently covering them. Trim these drooping branches so they aren’t touching the ground. This will deter Norway rats from approaching your trees.

Pick Fallen Fruit Immediately

When rats and mice are looking for a home, they look for nest-building materials and food. Trees and fruit provide just that. And if you have ripened fruit littered across your property, rodents will not only be attracted to it, they’ll return for more. So keep an eye on your fruit trees and pick up all fallen fruit immediately. It’s also important to note, if the fruit is thrown in the trash, make sure the trash container is sealed shut so rodents don’t then target your trash.

Strategically Space the Trees

Roof rats will scurry along branches that touch together, allowing them to run from tree to tree. If you haven’t planted your trees yet, keep enough space between them. In fact, depending on the type, fruit trees need about 15 to 30 feet between them. If your trees are already planted, you may consider uprooting one and relocating it. Keep in mind not to plant trees too close to your home, this will give roof rats access to it.

Rat Guards on the Trunks

Rats are highly skilled climbers. They’re known to scale gutters and siding among other fixtures. Adding a rat guard at the base of your trees will keep them from climbing them. This consists of using sturdy plastic or sheets of metal wrapped around the trunk of your fruit trees.

Rodent Control for Your Property

If you’ve tried these methods or you suspect you have a rodent infestation, you may want to consider calling a professional. At PURCOR, our highly skilled exterminators will eliminate your rodent infestation for good. So contact us today to receive your free pest control quote!

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