Preventing Bed Bugs During Summer Travel

Here’s how to protect yourself and your belongings from these unwanted hitchhikers during your summer adventures.
man inspecting hotel room for bed bugs

Nobody wants unwanted guests showing up. Especially if these unwanted guests sneak into your suitcase and end up in your bed at home. Summer travel season is upon us and the last thing you want to bring back from your summer travels are bed bugs. Bed Bugs are one of the most despised infestations you can have. They feed on human blood as we sleep. Below are some key things you can do to prevent bed bugs during travel.

1. Inspect Your Accommodation Thoroughly

Upon arrival, inspect your accommodation carefully. Check the mattress seams, headboard, upholstered furniture, and luggage racks for any signs of bed bugs or their fecal spots.

2. Use Bed Bug Proof Covers

Encase your luggage and belongings in bed bug-proof covers or liners to prevent bed bugs from infesting your belongings during travel.

3. Keep Luggage Elevated

Avoid placing your luggage directly on the floor or bed. Utilize luggage racks or stands to keep your suitcase elevated and away from potential bed bug hiding spots.

4. Launder Clothes and Belongings

When returning home, immediately launder your travel clothes and belongings in hot water and dry them on high heat to kill any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride.

inspecting hotel room for bed bugs

5. Vacuum and Inspect Luggage

Upon returning home, vacuum out your suitcase thoroughly, paying attention to seams and pockets. Inspect your luggage for any signs of bed bugs or eggs.

6. Use a Portable Bed Bug Heater

Consider using a portable bed bug heater to treat your luggage and belongings before bringing them into your home. Heat treatment is effective in killing bed bugs and their eggs.

7. Store Luggage Properly

Store your luggage in a dry, cool place away from bedrooms and living areas when not in use to minimize the risk of bed bug infestations.

8. Know What to Do If You Suspect Bed Bugs

If you suspect bed bugs have come home with you, contact a professional pest control service immediately for inspection and treatment.

Tackle Bed Bugs with PURCOR Pest Solutions

Preventing bed bugs from invading your home starts with proactive measures during your travels. By diligently inspecting accommodations, protecting your luggage, and following post-travel protocols, you can significantly reduce the chances of bringing bed bugs home with you.

If you’ve found that there may be a bed bug infestation in your home, don’t panic. Our pest control professionals at PURCOR Pest Solutions have years of experience in identifying and eliminating bed bugs promptly and efficiently.

When you schedule our services, we’ll thoroughly inspect your home, identify key problems, and implement a solution tailored specifically to your home. Are you running a business that may be dealing with bedbugs? We provide commercial pest control services, too! Contact us today to schedule your inspection and say goodbye to bedbugs for good!

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