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At PURCOR, we take the saying “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” quite literally. Businesses like hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging sites can be a hotbed for pest invasions. With a constant flow of different travelers and customers coming in and out, the chances of guests tracking in pests along with them are high. This is why infestations of insects like ants, bed bugs, or cockroaches can easily spread as their populations multiply rapidly—becoming an urgent matter that can be severe and costly to resolve. 

It’s important to preserve your company’s reputation while protecting your customers and employees with proactive pest prevention and management services for your hotel or hospitality business. Partner with a local pest control company that understands the unique problems of the hospitality industry while being courteous and discreet around your guests. 

Hospitality Pest Control and Management from PURCOR

We at PURCOR know that your hotel or motel must cater to the comfort and satisfaction of visitors. Unfortunately, due to the high turnover of most lodging establishments, spider, ant, rodent, and bed bug infestations are common occurrences in the hospitality industry. One pest sighting from a customer can damage your business’s reputation, so we encourage our commercial clients to be proactive and schedule a pest inspection sooner than later. Our professional pest control service specialists can evaluate the conditions of your establishment to check for existing or potential pest problems and also offer some pointers on how to help keep your hotel or motel pest-free. 

Why Should I Choose PURCOR for Hotel or Motel Pest Control?

PURCOR has a keen understanding of how to address the many challenges that come with hotel and motel pest management; we are seasoned and experienced when it comes to dealing with hotel and motel pest infestation problems. Implementing integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, our pest control techniques are always environmentally friendly and pose no harm to your property, staff, or guests. We are committed to helping keep pests out of your business and providing you with peace of mind.

In addition, our licensed commercial pest control experts are always confidential and courteous to make sure we do not interrupt business as usual. We may also be available to conduct inspections and services during off-hours or offer same-day emergency pest control in the case of a pest emergency. 

How Can I Ensure My Hotel or Motel Does Not Encounter a Pest Infestation? 

We highly encourage any hotel or motel to invest in preventative pest control measures. PURCOR proudly provides year-round pest protection plans on a quarterly basis. We will conduct several annual inspections to help ensure that your establishment remains pest-free and offer support to your staff and employees on how to help keep your business infestation-free, too. If ever you encounter pests between our regular visits, we are just a phone call away and will come take care of your pest issue efficiently—guaranteed. 

Find Hotel Pest Control Near You

Don’t allow unwelcome pests to check into your hotel, motel, resort, or bed and breakfast. Servicing commercial buildings around the United States, you can call on PURCOR Pest Solutions for professional hospitality pest control services. To request your free quote or schedule an appointment, contact us today


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  • A service specialist inspects your property for the presence of pests.
  • We treat cracks, crevices, and other areas around the structure where pests may be living.
  • We’ll help you set up a recurring pest control plan for your business.
  • If you see pests come back, so will we. That’s our guarantee.
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