The Dangers of Flea Bites

An up close image of a flea on a person's finger

Fleas transmit diseases when they feed on the blood of their host animal. Humans, cats, dogs, and smaller mammals are usually their victims. The various species of fleas carry specific protozoan parasites, bacteria, and viruses which can cause serious illnesses in their hosts. These illnesses can be fatal if not caught in the early stages of the disease, which is the leading dangers of flea bites.

Serious Risks from Flea Bites

  • Anemia and iron deficiencies
  • Bartonella
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Meningoencephalitis
  • Parasitic Dermatitis
  • Plague
  • Rickettsia
  • Tapeworms

Flea Bite Symptoms That Should Be Addressed

Several symptoms beyond the itch can result from a flea bite. It is not just an annoyance but it is usually accompanied by red swollen spots with a puncture similar to a mosquito bite. More severe symptoms from flea bites can also develop. If they do, it’s important to seek immediate medical advice. The dangers of flea bites are real and can cause irreversible consequences.

  • Chest pain – tight, crushing pain, or heavy pressure in the chest region
  • Chills – the sensation of feeling cold
  • Delirium – acute confused state
  • Dyspnea – difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue – extreme exhaustion
  • Fever – hyperthermia as in an increase in body temperature
  • Hemoptysis – coughing up blood
  • Headache – severe head and neck pain
  • Hypotension – extremely low blood pressure
  • Malaise – the sense of feeling extremely ill
  • Shock – fast, shallow breathing, weak but rapid pulse, cold, clammy skin, fainting, weakness, and/or dizziness
  • Hive-like lesions – raised red patches on skin

Flea Bite Treatment

If one or more of the symptoms is seen, medical advice should be sought. Many times there are topical treatments available for the minor symptoms. For the more severe signs of illness, stronger oral medication may be required. Treatments will differ depending on the patient to combat the dangers of fleas. Antifungal and antibiotic medicines are also available depending on the severity of the disease caused by the flea bite.

For the family’s protection, it is necessary to entirely remove the possibility of further flea attacks and infections. You should call a team of professional pest control experts like PURCOR. With our experience, we will be able to help remove any dangers of fleas that exist. Administering professional measures to exterminate the fleas along with periodic applications should assist in deterring any future infestations. Contact us to request a quote today!

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