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Flea (Siphonaptera)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

Although fleas are mostly associated with dogs, cats, and other pets, they pose problems for humans, too. Fleas can become dangerous as they can carry various potential illnesses and spread them to humans. Even though the number of flea-borne disease cases in the United States is relatively low, receiving a red and itchy flea bite can still be irritating to deal with. Learn more about fleas below, then request a free estimate for PURCOR’s flea control services!

How to Identify Fleas

Fleas are known to be extremely tiny, making them difficult to detect initially. Physical characteristics of fleas include: 

  • Up to 1/6 inch in length 
  • Hard, polished bodies that are flattened on the sides to allow easy maneuvering 
  • Dark-brown and red color 
  • Powerful legs, enabling them to jump higher than 7 inches and sometimes a distance of 14 inches to the side 

Common signs that your home may be infested with fleas are:

  • Small black specs dispersed around carpets and pet beds
  • Pets excessively scratching, licking, and biting their bodies
  • Itchy, red bumps appearing on your body (usually around ankles, legs, and waist)
  • Hair and fur loss in pets

How to Prevent Fleas

Fleas can be pesky pests to get rid of on your own. You can take the following measures to help prevent a flea infestation from taking over your home:

  • Wash bedding frequently.
  • Clean and vacuum often to remove flea populations and prevent the laying of eggs.
  • Bathe your pet as often as possible.
  • Use a flea comb on your pets.
  • Consider flea prevention for your pet.

Flea Control Solutions

The easiest way to get rid of a flea infestation is by hiring a pest control professional, like PURCOR. Our service specialists are trained to identify the pest and provide a plan that will keep your home protected and flea-free. Contact us today for a quote for pest control services in your area.