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The Oldest Settlement on the Puget Sound

When you think of the Puget Sound, you probably think of Seattle. Or, perhaps you think of Olympia since it’s Washington State’s capital. However, while these are prominent cities now, neither of these is the oldest settlement. That honor belongs to Tumwater, which is now a city of about 17,000 just south of Olympia. Here’s a quick look at the history of this beautiful city, and what you’ll need to know about Tumwater pest control if you reside there!

Tumwater Has an Important Story Within Washington

Like most of the cities within the Puget Sound area, Tumwater’s history starts around the 1850s. Michael Simmons, a pioneer, led a group of settlers to Tumwater Falls and within this group of migrants was a mixed-race man by the name of George Bush. At the time, the Oregon Provisional Government laws prevented mixed-race people from living in the region. However, they didn’t actively enforce that restriction north of the Columbia River (which, of course, Tumwater and Washington State are!).

From those early settlements at Tumwater Falls came other towns around Puget Sound, like Olympia, Seattle, and Whidbey Island. These settlements pushed for creating a new legal jurisdiction, resulting in the formation of the Washington Territory in 1853. In 1889, Washington officially became a state in the union.

Tumwater’s first name was not “Tumwater.” Instead, if you visited the town in 1845, the settlers called it “New Market.” However, in 1863, the city’s name became Tumwater after Chinook Jargon “tumtum,” which means heartbeat. The settlers felt that the sound of the falls was like a beating heart. Therefore, Tumwater means falling water that sounds like a heart!

Nowadays, while Olympia is the bigger city, Tumwater still plays a vital role in Washington State. The Washington State government has offices in Tumwater, including the Department of Transportation, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, and the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Tumwater Points of Interest

Tumwater has quite a few fun things to do within the region. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting it, be sure to check out the following:

  • The Schmidt House: Take a tour of this magnificent old home and grounds. Built in 1904 for Olympia Brewing Company founder Leopold Schmidt and his wife Johanna, this beautiful old building will make you feel connected to the rich history that Tumwater has.
  • Tumwater Falls Park: If you want to see the falls after which this city gets its name, head on over to Tumwater Falls Park. It has a salmon run in the fall and is one of the top attractions in the region.
  • Olympic Flight Museum: See history come alive with the old planes and helicopters at this museum.

Of course, if you’re in the vicinity, make sure to hop on over to Olympia to visit the Capitol as well!

Tumwater Pest Control: What Will You Have in the Region?

There have been many pests that have interacted with humans since the original settlement in 1845. Tumwater has a long and storied history, and the problem critters within the city limits today are likely the same kinds of pests that the earliest settlers would have had.

If you live in the Tumwater area, you may run into any one of these pests:

  • Termites: If you suspect you have termites, call a Tumwater pest control company immediately before they do any significant damage!
  • Spiders: Fortunately, like most of Washington, the spiders in Tumwater are unlikely to be poisonous, but they still can cause problems.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate on your own. If you wake up with red dots on your body, it’s time to call a Tumwater pest control company!
  • Rodents: If you see any mice or rats, it’s time to call someone out. These small creatures can carry diseases and other nasty things.
  • Cockroaches: While cockroaches might be unsightly, they’re mostly harmless. Still, nobody wants roaches around. Since they cluster together, that means if you see one roach – even if it’s dead – there are many more around!
  • Wasps, Bees, and Yellow Jackets: These can be very problematic, especially if they build a nest in or around your home. If you or a loved one have an allergy to their stings, they can be life-threatening!

All these pests are “nuisances” that you’ll want to have professionally removed, especially if you have young children (it’s tough to let the kids play out back if there are numerous spiders and ants, for example). However, if you see carpenter ants, termites, bees, wasps, or bed bugs, please call a Tumwater pest control company. You don’t want to have these hanging around your home!

Tumwater Pest Control: Making the Gorgeous City of Tumwater More Inhabitable

Tumwater is one of the most excellent places to live in the Puget Sound. The beauty of the falls, the peaceful lifestyle, and the proximity to Olympia make it an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.

If pests interfere with your ability to enjoy your life in Tumwater, give this Tumwater pest control company a call! We’ll be happy to come out to your home and eradicate that problem once and for all!

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