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Cockroach (Blattodea)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

The sight of a cockroach crawling across your wall is sure to send chills down your spine. With their long antennas and spiny legs, it’s no wonder that cockroaches are among the most despised insects to find in homes and places of business. Contrary to popular belief, roaches aren’t only found in messy places. Yes, they are attracted to dirty dishes and leftover food and crumbs, but they are also able to find their way into buildings through cracks and crevices, drains and sewer pipes, or by hitching a ride from bags and suitcases from other places. 

When you’ve found a cockroach in your home, act quickly to identify it and call PURCOR to get rid of those creepy crawlers today! We offer comprehensive cockroach control services designed to safeguard your property.

How to Identify Cockroaches

There are many different types of cockroaches found all around the world. However, the most common types that infest are: 

You can identify cockroaches in general by their:

  • Body – flat, oval-shaped, and oily to the touch
  • Color – most range from light-brown to dark-brown 
  • Legs – 6 long legs allowing them to move quickly across most surfaces

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Homes and Businesses 

One of the best ways to keep cockroaches out of your home, restaurant kitchen, and other spaces is by keeping it clean. Avoid leaving food and dirty dishes out overnight, and make sure all of your food is properly sealed and stowed away. In addition, make sure your garbage can has a tight-fitting lid, and try to take out your trash as often as possible. Vacuuming around your home often helps get rid of small crumbs that might attract cockroaches as well.

Another way to prevent cockroaches is by taking the time to seal any cracks or crevices around your home that may be used as entry points. Seal sewer pipes and crawlspaces, and make sure all doors and windows are secure.

Cockroach Control Solutions

Let’s face it: Cockroaches are very common in areas around the United States. But that’s what we’re here for. When you come across cockroaches in your home, don’t hesitate to call the pest control experts at PURCOR. We’ll inspect your home and provide you with the quick and efficient pest control solution you need. Contact us today for a quote!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get rid of cockroaches myself?

DIY cockroach solutions don’t typically work because cockroaches are an incredibly resilient pest, able to survive months without food or water and for weeks without their head. Home cockroach solutions, like boric acid, essential oils, and borax, may provide some temporary relief but won’t eliminate the infestation as a whole.
Cockroaches multiply quickly, and if you’ve seen one, you can bet there are more hiding in your home. Avoid coming face-to-face with these spine-chilling creatures, and let PURCOR™ handle it. Our pest control experts will inspect your home, identify the species of roach you’re dealing with, and apply effective roach control treatments.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

While cockroaches don’t bite, they’re dangerous due to their unhygienic scavenging. Roaches will dig through trash and even pet waste in search of food. They often carry diseases on their bodies, including salmonella, staph, and more. Roaches can often contaminate food, eventually eaten by humans.

Where do cockroaches hide?

Cockroaches seek dark, moist areas to hide during the day and then scavenge for food at night. Some common hiding spots cockroaches like to inhabit include shower drains, under refrigerators and stoves, in drawers and cabinets, and in upholstered furniture like couches.