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Cricket (Grylloidea)

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With nearly 2,500 species in existence, crickets have leaped and sung their ways to destinations all across the globe. Belonging to the family Gryllidae in the order of Orthoptera, these insects are known for their musical chirping, impressive jumping capabilities, and even an acting performance in Pinocchio! 

Although crickets are a remarkable insect by nature, their presence in or around your area can be a nuisance. Because they breed so efficiently, populations can increase rapidly if your home or business provides environments for them to thrive. To better understand why cricket choirs might be caroling too loudly near you, it’s best to learn about common crickets found in the Northwest, what they look like, and what you can do to help turn down their volume. 

How to Identify Crickets

Typically, crickets are identified by ear from their “singing “ (also known as stridulating) before being identified by sight. When you’ve spotted a cricket in your home or business, you can identify them by their:

  • Color – house crickets are yellowish-brown; field crickets are shiny and black
  • Size – young crickets may be less than 1/4 inch long; adults can grow up to 2 inches 
  • Legs – 6 strong legs that help them jump 

How to Prevent Crickets 

You might think crickets are easy to scope out within your home or business due to their loud chirping, but that’s not always the case. It’s already difficult to pinpoint which direction the sounds are coming from; plus, when threatened, crickets will go silent, making them even harder to find. That’s why it’s important to take preventative measures to avoid playing cat and mouse with crickets around your home.

Crickets are attracted to moisture, so the best way to prevent crickets is by removing sites of moisture indoors. For instance, any dripping faucets or leaking pipes are sure to attract crickets inside. You should also seal any cracks and crevices around your doors and windows to eliminate potential insect entryways. 

Cricket Control Solutions in WA, OR, and ID

At PURCOR, we understand how much of a bother crickets can become. If you have an insect invasion on your hands, hand it off to us. Our pest control professionals will inspect your home or business, then provide you with guidance to eliminate crickets effectively. Contact us today for a quote today and kick those crickets to the curb.