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PURCOR Pest Solutions can help protect your home and your family with our proactive, preventive service: The Residential Defense Program.

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Pest infestations and problems are stressful, frustrating, and could potentially damage your business’s products, merchandise, or reputation. And they seem to always occur at the most inopportune times—such as when an important event or meeting is supposed to take place or when you’re already dealing with unforeseen business matters. 

Any office, retail store, or business building in the United States can be subject to pest invasion; rats and mice may enter seeking shelter from the cold or rain, ants will trail across floors in search of food, and stubborn insects like bed bugs and cockroaches can even be brought in on your employees’ possessions. Heavy foot traffic from customers, staff, and delivery personnel opens up a commercial space’s susceptibility to pest infestation. However, all is not lost: There are effective ways to prevent and get rid of pests. 

Retail Store and Office Complex Pest Control from PURCOR

Instead of stressing about how you will control your pest issue, let PURCOR take the burden from you. We recognize the importance of a good business reputation, and we are committed to helping you keep the integrity of your brand. Our team will work to eliminate pests along with your pest-related worries that come with running a business. 

PURCOR’s environmentally-sensitive pest control treatments can help keep your facility protected from the threat of pests. We are pest professionals with decades of experience assisting commercial buildings, office complexes, and multi-use buildings with a variety of pest control issues. Our professional and friendly staff knows how to be discreet and confidential when taking care of your pest infestation. 

Our Commercial Office Building Pest Control and Prevention Program 

PURCOR offers a year-round pest prevention program for your commercial building. Our pest prevention methods are dedicated to using best practices, education, and training to help ensure that you eliminate pests. PURCOR’s pest control programs incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) techniques and solutions designed to manage and mitigate pests. We will inspect your facility, then customize a plan that fits your needs and helps to keep your establishment pest-free.

Our pest prevention program for offices, retail stores, and commercial buildings includes: 

  • Proactive Inspections – Each visit includes a thorough inspection of the property for recent pest activity and pest-inducing structural and environmental conditions.
  • Enhanced Treatment – Environmentally-sensitive pest control is always our first choice. If product application is needed, our highly trained pest management professionals select the best treatment with the least environmental impact.
  • Consultation and Communication – At every service, we meet with you or your designated liaison to discuss the service, our findings, and any recommendations we may have to enhance protection between services.
  • Written Documentation – Our communication also includes written reports for services, which include our inspection findings, treatments performed, and recommendations. 

Retail & Commercial Building Pest Control Near You

At PURCOR Pest Solutions, we make your business our business, too. That means protecting your commercial space—and the customers and employees within it—from annoying or destructive pests. Providing pest control for businesses, PURCOR proudly serves regions around the United States with professional pest removal services for various intruders. Contact us today to schedule services or to request your free commercial pest control quote!


Corner of office building with windows and balconies.


  • A service specialist inspects your property for the presence of pests.
  • We treat cracks, crevices, and other areas around the structure where pests may be living.
  • We’ll help you set up a recurring pest control plan for your business.
  • If you see pests come back, so will we. That’s our guarantee.
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