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Overlook of a neighborhood in Chino, CA.

Located in the western region of San Bernardino County, CA, Chino has a rich agricultural history reaching back to the 1890s. Since its establishment, the city has grown into a community of nearly 90,000 residents. It is also the home of San Bernardino County Library and Chaffey Community College satellite branches.

Whether you prefer the great outdoors or love a good dive into history, Chino has plenty to offer. Discover breathtaking views in Chino Hills State Park, or explore the Planes of Fame Air Museum to learn something new!

One thing no one wants to discover in Chino? Pests. From nuisance pests like ants to disease-ridden cockroaches, there’s a wide variety of unwelcome residents in Chino. If you’ve got pests in your Chino home business, PURCOR Pest Solutions has your back with our premier pest solutions. 

PURCOR Pest Solutions Removal Services

Home and Business Pest Control in Chino, CA

At PURCOR Pest Solutions, safeguarding what matters most to you is what we do. From your family’s well-being to your store’s reputation, our residential and commercial pest control solutions are tailored to tackle pest problems of varying sizes. We even offer wildlife control services! 

If you’ve got pests pestering you in Chino, choose PURCOR Pest Solutions to send the following invaders packing:

Chino Scorpion Control Services

From their pincers to their venom-loaded stingers, scorpions are well-armed hunters. While they may keep other pest populations at bay, they can deliver their painful jabs to you or your family without warning. What’s worse, their venom can be deadly to pets, young children, or older relatives. 

For peace of mind and a safeguard against scorpions, choose PURCOR Pest Solutions. We’re committed to helping you keep scorpions away from your Chino home. Contact our team today to learn more about our scorpion control services. 

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Solving your Chino, CA, pest problem shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. When you choose PURCOR Pest Solutions, you can rely on our team of dedicated pest professionals to tackle the scorpions, cockroaches, or other unsavory California pests invading your home or business. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start solving your pest problem. Reach out to PURCOR Pest Solutions in Chino, CA, today!

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